The Profit Plan Mini-Course


Need help to better understand the profitability of your business so that you can plan for the future and make better business decisions? This course is here to help!


The Profit Plan template & mini-course is here to help you map out & better understand the profitability of your business. It's ideal for testing the viability of a new business (can it actually make you money?) as well as future planning for an existing business to test out how different scenarios work out in real money terms (how much net profit will each option generate for you?)

The mini-course is broken down into bite sized videos, which take you through the Profit Plan Template and also dig a little deeper into some of the key areas which impact your profitability.


  • Profit Plan Template (Excel and Google Sheets Versions)
    • Super user-friendly and very visual (for people who don't love spreadsheets!)
    • Instructions on how to complete the Inputs Tab for your business
    • Auto-calculates your net take home pay, using the guided tax rates
  • 6 education videos to guide you, including
    • Understanding what drives your Profit
    • Flexing your Pricing and understanding the Impact on Demand
    • Considering Return on Investment for your Marketing Spend
    • Let's Talk Taxes - how different tax rates apply depending on your level of income
    • How to use Scenarios for Decision Making
  • 2 weeks of email Q&A support as you work through the Template if you have any questions


Price is VAT-inclusive & a valid VAT invoice will be provided upon request


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