Limited Company – Now What?


Simplifying what you need to know about your accounting and tax obligations as the owner of a Limited Company in Ireland


You've set up a Limited Company for your business - Now What?

Owning a Limited Company in Ireland brings with it a lot more tax and legal obligations than operating as a Sole Trader, and there can be hefty penalties for not abiding by them. Make sure you've got everything covered with our easy-to-read guide.

This 18-page guide is packed full of information, including:

  • Registrations you need to complete for your new Company & whether you can do them yourself or should seek assistance
  • Explanation of the various taxes that can apply - Corporate Tax, VAT, PAYE, Income Tax for Directors
  • Checklist if transferring your business from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company
  • Explanation of the CRO & Tax filing deadlines that will apply to your Company (with examples to help explain)
  • Expenses you can put through your Limited Company
  • How to manage your Company bank account and the implications of putting money in & taking money out
  • Tips on managing the Bookkeeping for your Company

There's a lot to take in when you first set up a Company (we get it!) which is why this guide is super handy to refer back to as you embark on your journey as a Limited Company owner.


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