Income & Expense Tracker


Basic Excel Template for tracking all of the income & expenses in your business – best suited to a sole trader who is not VAT registered


It's fair to say keeping track of your finances can often be people's least favourite task. But even worse, is facing a tax return deadline when you haven't kept track of them at all!

This easy-to-use template shows you the headings you should be tracking for your income & expenses throughout the year, as well as providing a system for labelling and storing copies of your invoices & receipts so that's it's a breeze to locate everything when tax return time comes around.

This template is very basic and is best suited to sole traders who are starting out & are not VAT registered. If you're VAT registered, we always recommend using a bookkeeping software to track your finances (Xero is our favourite). If you're looking for a tracker that's more advanced (e.g. tracking profitability / cashflow), join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases coming soon.


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